Danish Ice Hockey Stadium Rebranded to Bitcoin Arena for More Crypto Awareness

This Happened Earlier in 2018

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Earlier in 2018, the Rungsted Seir Capital ice rink based in Denmark underwent rebranding where it was called the Bitcoin arena by the co-founders Billionaire Niklas Nikolajsen and Lars Seir Christensen.

Therefore, the two people who are responsible for the stadium operations claimed that they were determined to rebrand in order to spread Bitcoin awareness. Nikolajsen also made an emphasis that he and his partner were concerned with the attention to cryptocurrencies in which the stadium would bring. This was especially in a country such as Denmark where the Blockchain industry has not grown like the other nations.

Nikolajsen said;

“It shows how far Bitcoin has really come. It is quite interesting that when the classic banks move out, we move in.” And I’m going to pull on a smile when I hear the sports commentators, every time they switch over to a match in Rungsted, they have to switch to the Bitcoin Arena. It’s funny, and it’s clear that it’s a little nasty thin.”

Additionally, the stadium made a collaboration with bitcoin Suisse AG, an asset manager, a crypto financial broker and also a service provider which is based in Zug, Switzerland which has been having the largest ICOs, businesses and crypto companies in the last few years.

In accordance to a local news outlet, Nikolajsen who is a bitcoin billionaire and top cryptocurrency investor and the co-owner of Bitcoin Suisse AG process the hockey player’s salaries in Bitcoin. During the time, Nikolaj Rosenthal was the only player in hockey to be paid by Bitcoin Suisse in Bitcoin.

He said;

“I can imagine that they would. It’s really exciting to be allowed to be a pioneer with this.”

Slovenia Bitcoin Monument

In March this year, Bitstamp which is a crypto exchange based in Slovenia and also one of the top most trading platforms in the world’s crypto market from 2011, made a bitcoin monument and put it in one of the major highway intersections in the country.

Therefore, in the two projects, one which was the rebranding of the Danish stadium and the second which was the placing of the Slovenia bitcoin monument were conducted by two organizations based in the crypto sector. One of them was from the brokerage industry and the other from the crypto exchange market.

Corporations in Japan and South Korea have been running similar operations such as putting ads in the city billboards and promotion of various cryptocurrencies in innovative ways in order to improve the market adoption.


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