Deep Web News: Alphabay Suspect Dies, Monero Shoots Up and 126 Verge Hacked.

News from the Darkweb

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Days, when darknet used to drive Bitcoin, are over. But with the day’s gone activities in the deep web are worth monitoring. Driving from anonymous coins to multi-sig wallets. This shows that the deep web leads when it comes to technology adoption especially when the technology can be used to ensure technology.

DDoS Holds Up

From the time Cryptona reported about the status of darknet main markets, DDoS cessation has held in a big way. This has led to walls like Point, Dream and Wall Street Market enjoy a major uptime. Another wall Aero has not been doing well in customer satisfaction not only in DDoS. This is because of the reports that Aero withdrawals remain unprocessed. In their website, they, however, said to be doing maintenance and people should remain calm as they would be back before the weekend.

Tor Browser update

Another free privacy-enhancing software has been launched called Tor. It’s however not foolproof. With people discovering new vulnerabilities very often it’s very important for people to keep their browser updated. TorMoil is the latest vulnerability to come. It even threatens to expose the IP of a Mac and Linux.
Even though it’s already patched deep web users who want to prevent such mishaps should try configuring VPN properly to connect to Tor. AirVPN is now accepting Bitcoin cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Alphabay suspect Dies

Alphabay has been down since July. Former AlphaBay mod who is a 24-year-old Ronald L. Wheeler III has been charged with access fraud. According to a U.S. attorney: “As a speaker for a criminal group on AlphaBay he served to increase more agendas of the people who decided to ignore our laws and oppress our communities.”
Following the steps of Alphabay mastermind Alexandre Cazes who committed suicide in Thai prison a suspected fentanyl seller has followed the same steps. He used the name Peterthegreat on AlphaBay and was found dead on October 6th. This continues to weaken Alphabay.

Monero on the Rise

After the collapse of Alphabay after it was discovered that investigators could only quantify the unknown amount of Monero a new meme came up-‘Should Have Used Monero.’ This was further popularized after several arrests were achieved following Bitcoin transactions through Blockchain. This meme should, however, be edited from SHUM to SHHM-Should Have Held Monero. Monero is one of the cryptocoins that have kept the pace often having better percentages than Bitcoin in the year. Currently, Monero is at $150 per coin and looks to be going towards $200.

Coinpouch Hacked

Today Coinpouch announced that it was hacked. All the coins that it was trading are missing. The coins estimated 126 million. In their statement: “It should be noted that it’s likely that a node was put up to process Verge which is connected to Coinpouch which was hacked. This stands between hacking of Verge and Coinpouch.”

Verge has been used very much in the deep web. The currency was developed with Tor browser in mind. Tor Android is very secure and private and is unique among privacy coins. It’s very dangerous on the web, so it’s important to keep your private keys close and private.

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