Earning free satoshis – or bitcoins online

You may not know this, but you can get bitcoins online for free!

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Bitcoins, first introduced to the world back in 2009, consists of millions of satoshis. Its current market price is close to $8,000. However, the price is constantly increasing. The main difference between cryptocurrencies and regular fiats is total anonymity.

What I mean by this is that bitcoin receivers, senders, and third parties cannot gain access to the personal information of transaction participants. All transactions are processed instantly.

Earned cryptocurrencies can be spent online or exchanged for regular fiats. There are a ton of online exchanges that allow you to get dollars, rubles, and other currencies for your bitcoins.

Free bitcoins through faucets.

There are a few ways to earn bitcoins for free, the easiest way being through the use of bitcoin faucets. However, before you start doing any of the things that we will go over today, you must register a wallet address on the Blockchain. Which can be done through the comfort of your browser.

Initially, bitcoin faucets were created with the idea to popularize the bitcoin and the system in general. Thus, everyone was practically given bitcoins for free. At one point these faucets were abused by people who understood the potential of this technology. Allowing them to effectively generate a fortune.

Currently, there are but a few genuine bitcoin faucets that should be taken advantage of.  Their quite easy to use, all one needs to do is pretty much solve some riddles, enter a captcha code, their email, watch a video. Users can take advantage of multiple faucets at the same time.

Faucets are alright for building up some starting out money before you move on to better activities. So, don’t expect to get rich from them.

Other ways of earning free bitcoins.

There are some places where you can simply input your bitcoin wallet address and hope to get some free bitcoin leftovers. Some websites will require you to register.

Freebitco: Gain a little bit of satoshi every hour, all you need to do is register. The website does have a lottery system that can be used.

Bitter: A browser add-on that allows you to earn some satoshis.

Bonus Bitcoin: A nifty site that allows you to register using your Facebook account. Allows you to play a little guessing game to earn some free satoshi.

Trustedbtc faucet: A faucet that allows you to get free bitcoins every 5 minutes.

Worldofbitco: Withdraw satoshis every 5 minutes

General faucets that allow you to easily withdraw funds Worldofbitco, Getyourbitco, Bitgolden, bitlucky, bituniverse, huefaucet, bitsilver, btcforclicks, fcoin, btcxup, dailyfreebits. The times for the rewards in these faucets vary. However, all of the funds can be withdrawn to FaucetHub instantly.

Viewing websites and clicking away for bitcoins.

I’m going to provide you with a few websites that are easy to use and easy to register on. They are all quite self-explanatory and transparent.

Refbit: With refbit you have to go through lists of websites and spend a specific amount of time on them before you are rewarded with bitcoins and they are added to your balance.

Btcclicks: Same thing as refbit, look at websites for a specific amount of time and watch ads. Need to have a g-mail account set up though.

Clix4btc: This website has a ton of different methods for earning bitcoins, like watching ads, clicking on links, answering questions, etc.

Bitgames: Smash crystals, play games, surf websites, earn bitcoins. Easy to cash out.

Coinadder and coinbulb allow you to acquire free satoshis by watching short ad videos or browsing websites.

Satoshi accumulators and captcha codes.

There are also places that automatically accumulate a small number of bitcoins for you. The more frequently you empty out your balance, the faster you gain bitcoins. However, they will stop accumulating after long periods of inactivity.

Additionally, there sites simply input the variables of captcha images and gain satoshis. Though, users must proceed with caution when striving to earn bitcoins for free. Because there are a lot of scam sites.

Check out these resources: moonbit, sunbts, fieldbitcoins, timeforbitco, ChronoX, Bit Fun.

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