Easier approach for Blockchain using Telcoin

A simpler way to solve slow adoption of industries to Blockchain Technology

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Lots of leading industries have tried out implementations on Blockchain Technology as a solution to their problems. However, the process of adoption to Blockchain is not at a satisfactory level. We are only seeing “the tip of the iceberg” of the capabilities and usage of Blockchain. Blockchain using Telcoin token can provide a simpler way for easy entry and adoption to Blockchain Technology.

Entry level challenges in the Industry

Blockchain and digital currencies are not so familiar words to those who are new to the crypto world. Humans have a natural reluctance to resist change. This negatively impacts new technology trying to get into the day to day lives. Initially, a user can signup and create a crypto wallet to approach blockchain and digital currencies. There are several well-known blockchain platforms one can choose from.

Once you get hold of cryptocurrencies, your transactions will be easier and convenient. But, the initial collection of cryptos is not that easy. This builds a negative impression on those who want to get into dealing with cryptocurrencies. Basic challenges of getting into the crypto world include;

  • Adequate technical knowledge
  • Registering with a crypto exchange
  • Filling up Know Your Customer (KYC) forms
  • Signing up for a wallet

These are overheads to novice users which makes the acceptance level relatively low to Blockchain. This is more likely a drawback repel new potential customers from Blockchain Technology.

Easier access for Blockchain using Telcoin

Cryptocurrencies require a much smoother process which the users are familiar with. Such a process will allow an easier approach and simplify things being compatible with the current systems. Blockchain using Telcoin is the solution for making existing telecom and mobile networks to connect globally with the target of converting among various currencies. This will allow convenient conversions among telecom mobile money, postpaid billing platforms and prepaid credit.

The Telcoin digital currency works on the Ethereum Blockchain. This will be a solution available to the public through national telecom operators. This will make Telcoin easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. The business model of Telcoin consists of mobile network operators connected with existing infrastructure and a worldwide user base. This allows smooth and easy approach for 5 billion mobile network users to access cryptocurrencies.

Partnering for cooperation

Initially, Telcoin tokens will be given out to mobile network partners. This will enable features such as online remittances, payments, transfers and e-commerce to existing customers. Telcoin partnering with telecom systems will set up necessary advertising and development processes to establish a Telcoin ecosystem.

The main objective of Telcoin is to involve in overall mobile money ecosystem as a supportive solution. The users will get mobile money, digital currency solutions and mobile wallets through the process. Telcoin will ultimately build trust, approach and know your customer compliance using Blockchain Technology.

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