The Emergence of Bitcoin Clashic

Bitcoins new Technology

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There has been the appearance of the Bitcoin Clashic which occurred in the Bitcoin Cash hard fork due to the appearance of a malicious hard fork. A large number of forks appearing in the original Bitcoin Chain have now combined in one of the Bitcoin Cash chains. After a quick perusal of the new coins website, a feeling of the classic has been felt. There is a good picture of James Bonds pure individualism which can be described as a true version of Satoshi.

This mysterious fork has come with big promises. The transactions will be very fast taking seconds, and the coin will be reliable. Transactions will no longer be congested because the technology is robust. Apparently, this promises will make fork the best money in the world according to their information.

With all these promises, the Bitcoin Clashic coin usability is still a concern. The owners are still looking for real-life use cases. According to the expected findings, the coin has no current wallets, no actual projects, no services and no exchanges. But even with all these challenges, the Bitcoin Clashic appears to be the future money.

Bitcoin Clashic Concerns

This coin appears to be excellent for miners. This is because it’s completely safe and immune from any loss of mining power because of ‘emergency difficult adjustment’ EDA. According to the developers of this coin: “This excellent invention makes Bitcoin Clashic immune from dying from loss of mining power. (Its however vulnerable to manipulation that could destroy the inflation schedule. It also defeats the purpose of having a long hard adjustment period for a secure network. But don’t be too concerned about that, people say its fine).”
Even though it’s yet to be launched this technology will most likely solution to approval time. It takes about 10 minutes for Bitcoin transactions to be approved, but with this technology, it will take seconds.

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