Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to Release 2018 Blockchain Standards

EEA Announced

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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has intentions to release the common Blockchain standards meant for business this year. This is according to one of the members of the consortium on Thursday.

During the London blockchains expo, Jeremy Millar, who is the founding individual of a member group composed of 450 people. Additionally, it boasts Accenture, UBS and JP Morgan and other organizations gave their update in regard to the talk section which was geared towards giving an overview of consortiums progress from when it was started in the year 2017.

Millar during his talk involved in convincing the audience why it is very important to set the standards in the adoption of technology.

Millar said;

“We need interfaces to plug into. Now, this might sound boring. It might not be top of mind for developers looking to launch a white paper and promote their ICO on Telegram.”

Additionally, Millar explained why the addition of Ron Resnick, the former WiMAX Forum president to the EEA as an executive director would be advantageous to the consortium. Currently, it has a total of 15 employees who look into the technical specifications and the architecture.

Additionally, the added that the group experienced progress in standard and specs setting in relation to “oracles,” or rather the smart contracts for feeding external data to the Blockchain based systems.

This was an excellent appearance due to the fact that the major EEA rival which is R3 recently wanted to quit the group due to the fact that they couldn’t deliver the promises.

EEA later posted sarcastic pieces which were meant to bring out the benefits of the approach it has adopted. Therefore, they explain that this was the most aligned open source developer movement to be introduced and has developed around Ethereum.

Millar then added;

“Next phase will be a testnet. And once we start seeing code coming out, we need certification. Let’s do this together as a community because we will all benefit from it. I urge you to take part in our network – it’s very affordable to join.”

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