EOSIO’s Dawn 3.0 platform has been added to Github

A platform that can detect hacking

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Block.one which is an open source software pre-released its Blockchain platform called EOSIO Dawn 3.0 yesterday. This is according to the information released by EOSIO through their medium post. The company had released Dawn 2.0 in December last year which has not been followed by the pre-release of Dawn 3.0 which is seen as a major milestone towards achieving EOSIO 1.0 which is expected to be released in June this year.

Earlier this year Block.one partnered with FinLab AG of Germany to develop EOS software after acquiring $100 million funding. According to EOSIO’s Medium in their post wrote that: “So far we think we have achieved our goal in inter-Blockchain communication.” According to them, that is the future that the industry has been looking for when it comes to intra-chain communication between smart contracts.

The new Dawn 3.0 has several new features which were not original EOSIO white paper one being the ability to accelerate through without the need for hard forking changes and their implementation of free actions who’s computing and validation can be pruned from replay and its addition of a new resource rate liming system.

In the same medium, they continue to report that Dawn 3.0 comes with a user-friendly configurable delay for different actions which will allow different users to know when they have been hacked before the hack goes through. This is because the system delays broadcasting of transactions on Blockchain for the time it’s chosen before the transaction can be completed.

The beauty of EOSIO is that it can be used without tokens in the permission platforms and it has a five-second block interval which uses the hello world contract development.

In medium post concludes with encouragement to the EOSIO public network to carry as many chains as possible to meet user demands. They believe that in order to have the maximum effect in place for a specific toke and leverage there must be trust and security of economic incentives which can be created by a high capitalized tokens.

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