Is your Ethereum frozen? Parity launches a support site

Is your Ethereum frozen? Parity launches a support site in connection with the exploit

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British startup Parity Technologies opens lines of communication with the users — in a day after the vulnerability code of the company has blocked hundreds of Ethereum wallets.

On Wednesday, the software vendor of the second largest block in the world explained what had happened, and launched a website where users can check their addresses to see, whether suffered their funds. Parity also placed the email address for users to contact the company.

On Wednesday afternoon the website showed that the exploit affected 584 wallets and 573 of the users. However, it is unclear whether this is the final number, or it was the last information prepared at the time.

The Ethereum community is now trying to understand how it would be best to respond to an incident, considering the fact that one may need software’s hard fork. While there were solutions for the return of frozen Ethereum to their owners.

According to the informal ratings, currently unavailable ether is in the amount of $150 million.

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