Ethereum could soon launch its first Casper Testnet

Ethereum Development

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According to Ethereum developers, they will use a code for their experimental Casper proof-of-stake protocol as the basis for the new test network. When the developers meeting yesterday the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin said that Casper was ready for testing. He suggested that Casper will provide security boost at the time of testing code across clients. This has been seen as a relief for the developers especially those working on an interface that is directly varied to client offering.

The reason for establishing Casper is because the existing cross-client environment tester Ropsten was developed using proof-of-work, and there are very few miners who support that chain because it’s an easy target for attack. Other than Ropsten the other available testers which include Rinkeby and Coven lack interoperability according to some developers which make them not ideal.

Even though Casper does not look set for wide-spread adoption, it’s the right time to test it out. According to a developer Peter Szilagyi: “People need to start implementing the testnet if we really want to roll it out in whatever fork.” During the meeting, it was confirmed that Casper has a full python implementation and some tests have already been undertaken.

There have been questions about the security when it comes the testnet. According to Buterin, the security question could be solved by designating the networks Ether to the team of elected delegates.

Test Teams

On that particular meeting, all participants agreed to do a research towards new test environment to be done by Ethereum developer Piper Merriam supported by representatives from the parity. The parity team will include Geth and Casper development teams.
While it agreed that there are still some problems to be sorted out, Szilagyi stressed that people should be easy with the project. In his statement, he stated that: “It would be good to have a network that people want to use.”

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