Ethereum wallet “Status” announces the award of $1 million

The Ethereum wallet "Status" announces the award of $1 million on a new program

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The program, announced yesterday at the annual conference of developers of Ethereum Devcon3, invites different people to submit possible solutions to the problems that the Ethereum wallet may face.

Although the first awards will be used to reward people who find bugs in their own software Status, and perform some other useful tasks, the team representative said that most funds would be allocated in the future for those who can find bugs in other projects with open source.

In addition, participants and employers will be able to view the website of new talent. This is also a potentially useful feature because many firms complain that not enough developers to perform many roles that are open to the blockchain projects.

At Devcon also announced the development of a hardware wallet Status — a specialized storage device that supports token-ERC-20 and uses the NFC connection and Bluetooth transmission of cryptocurrencies, when it is necessary.

Status mobile wallet (for Android and iOS) allows people to send and receive broadcast and allows users to view a collection of decentralized applications (dapps) on Ethereum wallet.

This year Status, which has received significant funding as a result of his token sale, is one of the main sponsors of the conference Devcon3 in Cancún (Mexico).

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