Ethereum’s new app KittyRace allows Cryptokitties race each other for a prize

The emergence of KittyRace

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Ethereum’s new app called KittyRace is taking advantage of the success CryptoKitties app has had. The new app sees the digital cuts race against each other for Ethereum prices. The app which is somehow similar to the wildly popular CryptoKitties allows the digital cuts holders to put their cuts on a race against each other for an entry fee. The difference with CyptoKitties is that CryptoKitties use specific traits which help cats win races with a combination of the entry timing and the element of chance. In this races, the winner is rewarded with everyone’s entry fee less the small portion used to pay for the transaction.

KittyRace was created by a firm known as Endless Nameless which is managed by Charley Hine assisted by Eugene Otto. It’s however good to know that Endless Nameless has no association or even relationship to Axiom Zen which is the firm that formed CryptoKitties. To play KittyRace, all users are required to access the game through KittyRace’s website and more to that every player must also have an Ethereum Wallet. Even though the race has not yet become as popular as CryptoKitties it’s currently gaining attention from many players, who are breeding winning cats.

Some users have taken to Reddit to complain that some cats have been having been formed having specific attributes in order to keep winning the price. They have therefore stated that the game is a waste of money for those not having those specific cats. Other people have however asked the developers not to change the game but change its formula to make it even and competitive.

The app is fully decentralized like a feline version of a casino game. The beauty is that the developers are not monetizing it but are however bullish on its representation. According to Charley Hine: “Before Ethereum betting games between strangers on the internet were not possible without a centralized body where the flow of funds was involved.”

Hine went on to state that they have not yet started making money from the app as they are still waiting for clearer rules. The developers also believe that the new game is not a threat to CryptoKitties since their cats are based on Blockchain token which can also be used in other applications.

As we covered crypto kitties before it raised $12 million in different funding rounds last month. The funding was mainly spearheaded by venture capital firms Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. The funding also included huge personal investments from big tech figures.

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