Ex-Google Employees Create a Blockchain Based Community for all Ex-Googlers

According to a Press Release

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Three employees who were previously employed in Google have joined to form a new community called the x-Googler Blockchain Alliance (GBA). This is meant for all the ex-Googlers who might be interested in Blockchain technology. This s in accordance with a press release on 15th April.

The Ex-Googlers ad also the Chinese leaders in the Blockchain community Hitters Xu, Daniel Wang who is the founder of the Nebulas Blockchain platform, founder of a decentralized exchange and also an open protocol loopring, Andy Tian, founder and CEO of Gifto were the individuals who got the inspirations to open GBA due to the rise in demand for the developers of Blockchain.

According to a press release, the GBA will “serve as a collaborative space for inquiry, dialogue, and development regarding Blockchain technology for Googlers.”

Tain said that;

“Google has always been at the forefront of new technologies worldwide, from Android to AI.  As Googlers, we can bring our unique experiences to expand [B]lockchain’s influence, to everyone, everywhere.”

GBA which is meant to “incubate high quality [B]lockchain projects by the ex-Googlers,” is currently situated in the bay area in Beijing and Shanghai. However, they seek to expand to the sections where there are Googlers and ex-Googlers who have interest in the Blockchain technology.

Therefore, Google has depicted both the inability and also the likeliness to support cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

In 2018 mid-march, Google made an announcement that it would be involved in the ban on all the advertising related to cryptocurrencies on the Google AdWords. However, one week after this, the organization made reports that they were working with two Blockchain products.

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