Facebook blocked a popular site about crypto-currencies


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A popular site which dedicates itself to the display of the real-time cryptocurrency prices marketcoinprice.com -has been blocked on Facebook. Today, Facebook has blocked this site for no good reason given. Therefore all the links to the site marketcoinprice have been blocked on Facebook as it is shown below;

However, the Facebook support has not been responding to the inquiries in regard to the lock.

However, many people have come up with a conclusion that due to the ban of the cryptocurrency advertising On Facebook, Google, and Twitter, Facebook may have also involved itself in the blocking of the links which depict the same content.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have been existing for more than five years now, many individuals have not understood how they work and are still new and fresh to the minds of many. Therefore, it might take some years for the organization to treat them without fright.

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