FBI facing difficulties accessing encrypted data

Encryption of data becoming a security threat

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Encryption has always been good since it protects data however encryption is turning out to be a security threat for security agencies. Agencies like the FBI find it very hard to unlock encrypted data therefore can be used to hide very delicate information. FBI which is one of the world’s best known investigation authority, is tasked to provide the US government with crucial intelligence information but it’s now struggling to gather information because of encryption.

Currently, FBI has been unable to crack about 7,800 devices which contain information for important investigation which started in 2016. This was after FBI was granted permission by court to access the data on the devices but the agency was unable to access the data because the data is highly encrypted to protect the information.

The FBI director Christopher Wray admits that they support encryption and information security, despite the fact that they are unable to effectively obtain important data from these encrypted devices. The FBI are faced with challenges and Wray stated that: “We are having huge and increasing number of cases that rely on electronic evidence.”

Even though Wray accepts that more than half of the encrypted devices have remained inaccessible the FBI boss said that they were looking possibilities to access the data.

Messages apps that use encryption technology have become very popular since they allow people to communicate without any fear of people accessing their information. The encryption information has particularly being very important to some countries like Iran. There has however being push around the world to push for regulations which would allow surveillance of the public.

FBI is facing a very hard time in its battle with the encryption technology, and it looks like a battle which they are likely to lose especially due to the emergence of the Blockchain technology. Despite the fact that agencies like FBI are granted access to decode encrypted data the agencies seems to be unauthorized by the encryption technology itself.

Access not guaranteed.

The currency encryption technology seems to be even better than the ones done to protect military information decades ago. This was especially to protect critical information sent during wars. This technology is now available to the public are the general public, can now protect their information. This came after software developers got the basic code used in the encryption of data. These software developers used technologies like cypherpunks to lay the foundation which powers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

The developers did not however create a backdoor for security agencies to use since they wanted to safeguard user information. It’s also not likely for the agencies to get access soon because the software development institutions are not likely to make less powerful encryption technology in the coming years.

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