Ford is proposing a new system to control traffic through Car-to-car crypto communications

Trading to ease traffic

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The biggest car manufacturer in the US, Ford has applied for a patent for an apparatus of vehicle-to-vehicle communication which will us crypto tokens to enable traffic flow. This is according to the US patent office patent application which was published yesterday.

In the patent application, Ford explained that traffic congestion is caused when there is reduced traffic flow which is caused by the psychology of human drivers who mainly focus on their personal interests and time preferences. For that reason, the patent recommends a way to work around everyone’s preferences through Cooperative Managed Merger and Pass System (CMMP).

In the application, Ford discussed the possibility of cars with specific communication models with cooperative adaptive cruise control which will enable the cars to communicate with each other through the exchange of CMMP tokens. This will enable the switching of preference from the driver to the group flow rate through traffic cataract.

All the cars with the communication system will be able to trade the CMMP tokens within themselves which will enable specific a car occupies slower lanes of traffic while allowing another car to occupy the faster lane as convenient as a way to control traffic. The cars that will have sacrificed their individual time will then receive tokens from the excused cars.

If another scenario when a specific driver is late for something important like an appointment they could enter a request to pass any vehicle for a specific time like 10 minutes in exchange for some tokens.

This has come barely a month after Germany car manufacturer, and also a patent company of Mercedes Benz introduced a Blockchain based cryptocurrency which will reward all the environmentally friends and good drivers with some coins which they would redeem for specific events such as VIP events. The automobile sector is highly investing in Blockchain to try to even automate some functions of vehicles such as the doors

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