Former Security chief John McAfee Twitter’s account hacked

Bitcoin champion twitter's account hacked

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News has become a big tool, especially in the cryptocurrency market. This is especially when you have a big following on social media such as Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. One such person with a huge following is John McAfee who is a computer programmer and a businessman. John McAfee has been a Bitcoin bull and has been encouraging people to keep holding on to their coins despite the market losing nearly 40% of its value.

Recently the founder of McAfee antivirus company took to the tweeter and wrote that for those who were long-term investors that Bitcoin was still the crypto giant. He went on to say that Bitcoin could be cheaper now, but the price was assured to increase in 2018. McAfee has had different views on Bitcoin, and in November he stated that he would eat his manhood in by 2020 the currency would not be worth a million dollars.

The hunter becomes the hunted

McAfee who is a former cyber-security chief has found himself surprised by his twitter account was hacked. With the popularity of his accounts which he has been using to post recommendations on altcoins which have led to pumps and dumps he has now become a target. With the market being of manipulation he has been a big figure. John McAfee used to post daily recommendations which he stopped and started a weekly occurrence.

The people who accused the account have started posting their own recommendations using McAfee’s account. The account is targeted since it has over half a million followers.

After noticing that his account has been hacked he immediately notified his followers with a tweet stating that:

“Urgent: My account was hacked. Twitter has been notified. The coin of the day tweet was not me. As you all know. I am not doing a coin of the day anymore”

Trying to free himself since he is a security expert McAfee went on to say that:

“Though I am a security expert I have no control over Twitter’s security. I have haters, and I am a target. People make fake accounts fake screenshots and fake claims. I am a target of hackers who have lost money and blamed me. Take responsibility for yourselves. Adults only please.”


This hack is highlighting that people should be very careful in the crypto market. In fact, if the ex-boss of a cyber-security firm can be hacked then this shows that no one is immune. It’s therefore very important for everyone to take care of their coins. No one should compromise the security of their coins.

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