Formula One Team Williams Martini Taps Blockchain to Gain Edge Over Competitors

Blockchain makes its way to Formula One

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World’s leading Formula One team Williams Martini Racing is looking at Blockchain technology to help deliver a competitive advantage over its competitors. The team is well known for its innovation as it has relied heavily on technology before to gain an edge over its rivals. The team has so far won 16 FIA Formula One World Championships scoring 114 victories since it was founded in 1977 by Frank Williams. They also enjoy massive following over the world with over a billion people following Formula One races.

Williams is now investigating how they can use Blockchain Technology. To make their dream a reality they have partnered with Omnitude which is a middleware technology provider to explore how Blockchain could be implemented across the team’s operations in demand for the data-driven environment. This deal has seen Williams Martini sign a multi-year partnership with Omnitude to research on the potential apps of Blockchain which would be very important for the team in running their daily activities.

Claire Williams the Deputy Team Principal at Williams Martini Racing stated that:

“Williams is a brand well known for engineering excellence and speed of innovation. We are delighted about the partnership with Omnitude in the provision of the ideal environment to showcase radical new technologies which have the power to change the capabilities of business around the world.”

Omnitude comes on board bringing connectivity between blockchain and enterprise systems making it easier, cheaper and quicker for companies to embrace Blockchain which paves the way for the technology to be adopted more around the world. The innovation company’s smart integration layer enables businesses to adopt Blockchain on the basis of plug and play without having to replace existing systems and technologies.

Omnitude’s founder and CEO Chris Painter said that:

“We are pleased to have signed a deal with Williams to look how we can use Blockchain technology across their organization. Working with Williams is a proof that our services are good and it will be great validation for our product and version. This pairing is automatically a pairing of the two UK’s most innovative and cutting-edge organizations.”

More to trying Blockchain technology the partnership will see Omnitude’s branding on Williams drivers and also on senior personnel from the Spanish Grand Prix. More to that Omnitude’s logo will also appear on the team environment over a race weekend and also on the car for the Monaco and Spanish Grand Prix. Williams becomes the first F1 team to announce the use of Blockchain technology. However, Jetcoin became a sponsor in Sky Grade Prix during the Singapore F1 race.

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