Free money with Bitcoin faucets? What? Really?

Bitcoin faucets can be used to make some crypto with minimal effort.

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Faucets? Like in the kitchen or bathroom? Nope, bitcoin faucets. What are they? Well, they are kind of a tool that can be used to earn bitcoins for performing small tasks here and there. Let’s find out how they work, shall we?

By the way, you won’t become rich from using bitcoin faucets. I wouldn’t recommend using them.

Users simply get paid for completing small activities. Like signing up for something, playing a game, watching video ads. Though, these types of practices are definitely not new. There have been tons of websites that have been offering rewards for simple tasks. But, bitcoin payments are secure and fully anonymous. So, there’s a certain appeal here.

Nobody wants to share their personal and financial info with banks and what not. Bitcoin faucets allow users to get paid in cryptocurrencies for their little efforts in an anonymous manner. More and more websites rewarding users with crypto will start popping up.

There are many different types of bitcoin faucets. Some faucets will reward you for

A few bitcoin faucets are one-offs. Rewarding users for signing up for something. But, there are a few faucets that you can use continuously.

Bitcoin faucets and how they work.

Faucet payouts are quite small, so, don’t rely on them for a fruitful income. Additionally, the payouts are linked to going market rates. Therefore, the price of a bitcoin will affect your payout. Expect to get a few cents or satoshis. A satoshi is the smallest denomination of a bitcoin. So, 1 satoshi amounts to 0.00000001 BTC.

Some faucets require an increased amount of efforts the further you go along. One-offs, where you have to simply provide an email address, are simple to use. Thus, they don’t pay a lot. However, if you have to fill out pages of data, expect to earn more.

I truly hope that you understand that you should not quit your job and pursue bitcoin faucets. Though, you can build up a decent amount if you crack at it consistently. Plus, the work isn’t really exhaustive.

Bitcoin faucets are quite simple and easy to use.

Try to find bitcoin faucets online that actually match up with your interest. Like to play games? Perfect. There are a ton of faucets online that you can find which will reward you for playing video games! Well, you might not make money from playing games per se. More likely than not you will get paid for watching the video advertisements that are in the games.

It takes minimal effort since it’s not really a job. So, even if you’re not racking in thousands, the work isn’t painstaking.

Who makes bitcoin faucets?                           

Well, pretty much anyone can make a bitcoin faucet. All one needs to do is buy a domain, set up a website, connect a wallet and think of something that can be done for bitcoins.


While money can be made using bitcoin faucets, it may take a little bit of time, and there are better alternatives out there to rack in some bitcoins.

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