Freewallet launched dedicated wallet for Bitcoin Gold

Freewallet has launched a wallet for Bitcoin Gold amidst Third-Party Wallet Scam

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Though Freewallet had already provided support for Bitcoin Gold in its multi-currency wallet, the company however decided that there was sufficient interest from the community towards the coin to justify launching a full-scale mobile wallet for Bitcoin Gold.

The Android version of the wallet for Bitcoin Gold is currently available in the Google Play store, and Freewallet says that it has submitted the iOS version to the AppStore and hopes to see it approved within the next week.

Freewallet co-founder, Alvin Hagg stated that “That’s the second Bitcoin chain split we’ve supported,” in an announcement posted on the company’s website. “And Freewallet managed to offer uninterrupted operations for both of them! When a new cryptocurrency is born and a new network is launched, it means there’s a great opportunity for our users to get free coins and instant profits. And Freewallet’s mission is to make sure they are happy because that’s what makes us happy, too.”

Being a new cryptocurrency, the Freewallet’s launch of the dedicated wallet for Bitcoin Gold is a much-needed shot.

In addition to questions over its mining software code, one of the third-party wallets formerly featured on the coin’s official website has reportedly turned out to be a scam. As explained in a developer statement (PDF), the source code for MyBTGWallet was apparently replaced after its initial release, enabling the wallet’s creator to steal as much as $1 million from unsuspecting users who neglected to transfer their bitcoin gold balances to a new wallet before importing their private keys into MyBTGWallet.

At the time of writing, bitcoin gold sells for $127, which represented a single-day decline of 10%.

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