Gamers Can Now Earn Bitcoin Through the GMO CryptoChips Mobile App

Japanese tech firm GMO launches CryptoChips to earn Bitcoin by playing games on your mobile

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On 31st May 2018, the Japanese tech firm and internet group GMO launched CryptoChips Mobile App which enable users to earn Bitcoin by playing games on their mobile. The plan is to integrate the mobile app with “Whimsical War”, a real-time territorial battle game app developed by GMO.

Users can play this game from August 2018 onwards which will support Android and iOS devices. The reward system will gift Bitcoin depending on the rank and missions completed within the game. Instead of using on-device mining to earn Bitcoin, the players will get the cryptocurrency rewards from GMO directly through the reward system.

GMO Operations on Cryptocurrencies

In December 2017, the company initiated mining operations and set a due date as August 2018 to roll out the GMO cloud mining service.

According to GMO, the firm plans to spread and familiarize the public on the use of cryptocurrencies using the mobile app. Also, users will have to use personal digital wallets to receive and utilize Bitcoin from the app.

The internet group plans to add other major digital currencies into the app going forward with its development. This is in line with expanding the usage of Cryptochips with other games for mobile as well.

CryptoChips Raise Awareness

CryptoChips will not only raise awareness on cryptocurrencies, but also help out the “Whimsical War” of the company. Given that it is the only app supported right now, many users will start playing the game after the launch to experience the new reward system with the intention of earning some Bitcoin.

The more gamers familiar with cryptos, the more company could lure using their new mobile app for gaming, specially by introducing more games in future.

GMO also made an announcement on the launch of the first 7nm mining chip for Bitcoin that has a due date by the end of October 2018.

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