Gem Launches All-in-one Cryptocurrency Investment App

Gem Plans to Launch a Comprehensive Crypto Investment App

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  • Gem has plans to unveil an all-in-one cryptocurrency investment app.
  • The app would enable users to manually trace cryptocurrencies kept in offline hardware wallets.

Gem – a popular Blockchain firm has announced its plan to launch an all-in-one comprehensive cryptocurrency investment app that would enable users to track, store, trade and discover digital currencies.

Gem, since it started in 2013, has focused majorly on enterprise products for firms like Toyota and CapitalOne. The firm stated that its all-in-one, user-friendly comprehensive platform which was announced officially on Thursday 19th April will “bridge the gap” between expert and novice cryptocurrency users.

Micah Winkelspecht, Gem’s CEO said:

“Since the beginning of the company, we’ve been trying to achieve a simple goal which is to push the decentralized movement forward to put more control and power in the hands of individuals….We felt at this time in the market that we could make the biggest impact in the shortest timeline by going directly to the consumer to solve the problems we experience in the cryptocurrency market.”

Gem has the intention of making its platform, which initially integrates 22 exchanges, to function as a “single entry point” for managing cryptocurrency investment. A beta version of the platform is scheduled for release in May and would also enable users to manually trace cryptocurrencies kept in offline hardware wallets.

The firm added that Gem’s “universal token wallet” would be introduced later in the summer. This wallet would enable users to keep and trade BTC, Ether and all ERC-20 tokens. However, the firm has the intention of supporting other digital currencies after launching it universal token wallet.

Gem added that it would introduce a “discovery tool” with which it seeks to connect users with the wider cryptocurrency community, this tool will provide users with information about 1,500 cryptocurrencies and acts as “a gateway to the broader cryptocurrency community” through features similar to social media tools.

Gem said that it is committed to user-friendliness and that it made use of data obtained from surveys of both expert and novice cryptocurrency investors to design the platform.

Micah said:

“We’re all cryptocurrency investors at Gem. So, we’re very aware of the gaps in the market and we’re excited to launch this platform to fill those gaps.”

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