Software Firm SAP looking to expand Blockchain Use

Sap extends blockchain adoption to its supply chain

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Software Company SAP is looking to explore further into its blockchain technology operations in the agricultural industry. It is developing an agricultural supply chain solution based on the blockchain.

The project will be implemented for SAP’s agricultural supply chain through its ‘Farm to Consumer initiative’. The blockchain solution will be used to authenticate and execute transactions, enter requests and offerings, while tracing the origins of food products. To meet this, the firm is working in collaboration with other companies. Together with Maple Leaf, Naturipe Farms, and Johnsonville, it hopes to disrupt the supply chain for the better.

Through the blockchain SAP aims to eradicate complex process in the supply chain management. The supply chain based on the blockchain will help streamline the supply process by automating it. Similarly, it is collaborating with other companies worldwide to remove abundant process, steps and frictions through the blockchain solutions.

One notable company working with SAP is the Swiss supply chain startup which has also developed a similar solution. Recently, modum announced its full integration of a blockchain Temperature-Monitoring Solution into its track-and-trace system. Identically, Software giant will be integrating its supply chain blockchain solution into its existing Global Track and Trace technology. The integration into its Global Track and Trace technology will help ease its adoption.

SAP partners with Swiss supply chain startup

Blockchain is the future of tech in the technology industry. Through it, SAP believes it will reconfigure the current food industry production models. It is this reason that led it partners with Swiss supply chain startup Information concerning the partnership is scanty as of now but SAP will release more of it during the launch of the pilot project in June. The partnership is set to help the firm further its supply chain ventures.

The supply chain blockchain solution is the firm’s newest entrant. Another projects based on the blockchain. is SAP’s collaborative blockchain program ’blockchain co-innovation initiative program’. Its primary role is to explore distributed business processes that utilize peer-to-peer networks. Currently, the initiative has 27 members.

SAP is a global software firm with roots across the world and its entrance into the blockchain industry is expected bring a lot of changes.

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