Google Announces 2 Blockchain Projects

The company eyes data transparency and this seems to be the reason they are developing these projects.

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Earlier this week Google revealed 2 different Blockchain projects it is working on. These are a cloud operations platform and a “tamper-proof” auditing system. The plans are underway to create a “tamper-evident” ledger on the Blockchain’s basis, according to a patent that was originally filed in Sep. 2017.

Meanwhile, Google’s Alphabet Inc. Corporation is seeking to utilize the technology in order to create a transparent audit review platform, as Bloomberg reported on March 21.

Further, Google made its headlines in cryptocurrency this month after the decision to ban all cryptocurrency-related advertisements from Google Adwords. This move follows Facebook in January and Twitter may follow this move as well by the start of April.

The new ad policy of Google would also presumably restrict Blockchain-related ads from publishing content on AdWords because cryptocurrencies are usually an inherent part of Blockchain platforms. The fact that the company is effectively banning all Blockchain projects from its advertising service and at the same time it is working on 2 such platforms of its own has not yet been commented on by Google.

Enthusiasm regarding Blockchain appears relentless, with Google Alphabet Inc. aiming to release a white label on the platform for other businesses as well, according to Bloomberg. So far, there is no timeframe available for a possible rollout of either of 2 products.

In addition, the US patent describes plans of the technical nature. The abstract of the patent details that a method of performing tamper-evident logging might include identifying an existing block in a target blockchain, where the existing block is associated with a 1st signature, and identifying a block of a 2nd blockchain, where the block that is identified is associated with a 2nd signature. The 2nd blockchain is not a part of the target blockchain.

What does Google trying to achieve?

A company’s spokesman told the publication that similar to many new technologies, they have individuals in several teams exploring possible uses of the blockchain. However, it is way too early for them to speculate any plans or possible uses or plans.

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