Google has banned crypto mining extensions after 90% of them fail to the set policies

Google to ban all crypto mining extensions

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Google has come again to haunt digital currencies with the announcement that it was banning all crypto mining extensions from its Chrome Web Store after 90% of the miners failed to follow the set rules and regulations. According to Google’s product manager James Wagner, the move was arrived at in response to an analysis of malicious crptojacking seen in the extensions.

The rules are applied when users are downloading an extension of either way unwittingly start mining digital currencies without the consent of Google. According to Wagner: “In the last few months we have witnessed the rise of malicious extensions which have appeared to provide useful functionality on the surface while covering hidden crypto mining extensions which run in the underground.”

Google has announced that it will now not allow new candidates to enter the web store to get a new extension and that it will also remove all existing miners by June this year. Wagner has insisted that only one out of ten extensions are currently mining abide by the Chromium’s policies when it comes to disclosure.

Wagner added that: “It’s sad to note that approximately all extensions with mining scripts which developers have tried to upload to the Chrome Web Store have failed to comply either the set policies and most of them have either been rejected or even removed from the store.”

It seems June is the date that Google has set to ban almost everything related to cryptocurrency. Remember it had announced earlier that in June it would ban all crypto ads and that they would disappear from the Google Adwords. The war on cryptocurrency seems to be starting with also MailChimp stating that it would ban all the activities associated with cryptocurrency including the closure of all cryptocurrency accounts. Most of the platforms banning cryptocurrency cite anonymity and volatility as their reasons for the ban.

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