Hackers Target Bitcoin And Ethereum Unsecured Wallets

The mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, drew the attention of cybercriminals who are trying to steal information from unprotected wallets.

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The uptrend of Bitcoin that overcame the mark of $10,000 drew the attention of cybercriminals and hackers as well. As the digital currency is being adopted and growing every day, hackers are searching the web for easy targets.

According to the Institute’s online forum of American SANS Technology, a cybersecurity expert’s software has discovered bots trying to steal several information systems. Their aim is to find unprotected cryptocurrency wallets around the globe.

Didier Stevens claims that cybercriminals have at their arsenal software that is scanning devices for archives containing information about wallets. This allows hackers to obtain access and steal coins in an online wallet.

Mr. Stevens  added that he has heard this kind of attacks in the past too. But it’s the first time he sees so many. The first time he observed it was back in late 2013, during the first Bitcoin rally.

Ethereum clients are on the hackers’ target too.

Also, he highlighted that Ethereum wallets are in danger. Online pirates are targeting to obtain access to local Ethereum JSON-RPC interfaces. Only an individual system should have access to these interfaces. This way, the cybercriminals are trying to bypass authentication of wallets, so they can control an Ethereum user wallet and take their funds.

If their JSON-RPC interface is allowing incoming requests, users that have already synchronized their system on the Ethereum Blockchain are in danger.

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