Harbor Gets 28 Million Dollars in Funding from High-profile Investors

Blockchain Securities Platform Gets $28 Million in Funding from Big Name VC Investors

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  • Harbor receives $28 million funds from high-profile investors.
  • This will help the company pursue its move in removing legal barriers to securities trading.

Information reaching cryptona.co today 17th April revealed that Harbor, a Blockchain firm seeking to eliminate legal barriers to securities trading, has received about $28 million from several high-profile investors. The information confirms that big-name venture capital firms have invested in a funding round that amassed $28 million for Harbor, a company that has earlier secured a $10 million Series A round in Feb. Harbor at this time got fresh cash from big-name investors which include Silicon Valley’s Andreessen Horowitz and Blockchain investment fund Pantera Capital.

According to a press release from Harbor, via a supposed R-Token system, the Blockchain Securities Platform will enable customers’ business operations to smooth over the trading of “a new wave of tokenized securities backed by real-world assets, such as real estate, company equity, investment funds, and fine art.”

Harbor states that legal technicalities, which in traditional sales would require being addressed on a case-by-case basis, would be handled by an outside legal company and integrated into the tokens themselves. Doing this would enable sales to be carried out automatically on the Blockchain using smart contracts, and ineligible bodies would be automatically denied a successful sale.

Though, the deal is not new to either Andreessen or Pantera as both venture capital firms are already giving supports to a host of Blockchain enterprises, stepping forward in regulatory compliance are seen as very vital this year, as U.S. regulators catch-up with the widening pace of Blockchain industry expansion.

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