Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduces blockchain service in 2018

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The well-known Business technology firm Hewlett Packard Enterprise introduces a new blockchain service next year.

HPE announced the first service in HPE Mission Critical Blockchain family. Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a product that allows customers execute distributed ledger workloads on the highest availability enterprise platforms.

The partnership with R3

With the partnership of the software firm R3′, HPE is aiming to offer services around payments and identity. The two companies officially uncovered their partnership in June.

As a result, their initial product called “Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology”. It is being introduced to enterprises as an extension of cloud-based services. Also it’s the first of a series of products that HPE offers for utilizing blockchain.

Raphael Davison, the brand’s blockchain director, claims in a statement: “Enterprises interested in blockchain are realizing that the public cloud alone doesn’t meet their non-functional requirements”.

Companies are already testing this new service.

Most noteworthy, HPE has already sold some versions of the product exclusive to financial service companies, according to Fortune.

Although there isn’t an exact launch date, HPE claims that it would be in the first months of 2018. Additionlly, the tech-giant announced that additional clients would gain access to this solution later this year.

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