Hip Hop Artist Mims Launches RecordGram App, a Blockchain Platform For Artists

Artist jumps into the blockchain bandwagon

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The music industry has just received a boost after rapper Mims launched RecordGram a blockchain platform.

RecordGram is a platform whose main aim is to help producers and artists create music, share, and control artists’ digital rights. RecordGram, as is inherent of blockchain, will track royalties automatically. The app will in the same vein be used to facilitate royalty payments to the artist. Artists can create and store content on it and receive tokens in return. The tune tokens will be easy to convert into RecordGram credits which can be used to purchase music or tip artists. Additionally, RecordGram comes in a app available for download for Android and IOS making it easily accessible through mobile handsets.

Apart from tracking royalty payments, app users will be able to share music, create notes, save short audios clips, and listen to music. In addition, the app acts as a platform that connects musicians and producers. Presently, little information has been disclosed about the app. Mims is set to discuss more details of the project during New York’s Crypto Influencer Summit. The summit will be held on May 17th and is being co-sponsored by Cryptoinfluence.io and BOOSTO. Mr. Brendan Eich founder, of Basic Attention Token will be present alongside the rapper. Mims who will be attending as a speaker will also perform in the event.

Technological solution

A lot of industries are set to be streamlined through blockchain technology, erasing corruption and deceit to directly benefit the deserving people. On the one hand, musicians suffer in the hands of promoters who don’t pay the exact worth. On the other, they have to deal with pirates who use their content for free. RecordGram app therefore will alleviate this through transparency. The automatic tracking of musicians’ royalties and recording digital rights will solve crucial problems that artists face in the industry.

There are several other apps being developed based on blockchain technology Similar to RecordGramy. Sony is developing a DRM solution to store digital data rights. The solution will help in storing data rights. Another notable app is Consensys which helps musicians to directly market their songs. Consensys gets rid of the middleman and helps musicians profit more from their music.

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