How to get Bitcoins?

How to get Bitcoins?

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So, you would like to get bitcoins for free because you aren’t sure that you wanna dish out some cash for them just yet? Don’t worry, a lot of people are worried about investing a lot of money in the bitcoin because of its crazy price volatility. It went down by almost $700 overnight! While you can’t exactly earn a huge amount of bitcoins for free and became a multimillionaire, you can still earn some.

Some of the ways through which you can get them for free are quite time consuming. So, we only recommended doing this if you have a lot of extra free time that you could devote once in awhile.

Play online games:

Several app store games can be used to earn bitcoins. Like Coin brawl, Bitcoin popper, and the Blockchain game. You don’t need to invest any real money to play them, but the games are quite heavy on the advertising side. Payouts usually occur once a week. Hey why not though right? You can have a little bit of fun while earning bitcoins. The games get progressively more difficult however, so it may be harder to get bitcoins after a while. You only need two things to start playing them – a bitcoin wallet address and an email.

Reading Books Online:

If you like to read frequently, you may have heard of CNN’s,, which is a cool little utensil that pays readers for reading! Guess what, you can earn bitcoins by reading classical books. Which is quite the unique method of acquiring bitcoins. Personally I think its a great way of getting some extra knowledge and financial gain!

Dice Websites:

Websites like 999Dice and PrimeDice give users a small starting balance to play with on their platforms. You can play the rooms on 999Dice and PrimeDice to earn bitcoin rewards. Once you are satisfied with your earnings, you can withdraw your sum total. It might also help to read up a little on dice strategies before you start playing.

Pay-to-Click Websites:

There are some websites out there which give users small amounts of bitcoins for visiting websites or looking at ads. One commonly used website is, through which users can watch ads that are over 5 seconds long. Though, we urge you to be very careful as some of these websites can install malware on your computer, leading to some nasty business. Always be careful and have some security software installed.

Micro Jobs

Some websites allow users to complete micro tasks and get paid in bitcoins. They are usually freelance type tasks like translations, audio transcriptions, testing web apps, etc. Generally, picking up micro jobs is one of the most time consuming ways through which you can get free bitcoins, though they are a bit more straightforward. As with pay to click ads, proceed with caution because there is a risk of your computer becoming infected with malware.

Write About Bitcoins

Yes! You can write about cryptocurrencies and actually get paid in bitcoins. The best way is by writing blogs for news websites. There is a lot of demand in the industry right now for people who can write posts in proper English and are actually familiar with the crypto industry.

You can also earn bitcoins by participating in ICO bounty campaigns (can be found on Bitcoin forums like BTCtalk). Users can earn money for practically each post that they make. Some blog writers can even earn up to $30.00 per hour, that’s pretty awesome. There are a ton of websites and blogs popping up that allow writers to earn money by helping out.

Cryptona is no exception, if you think you have the necessary experience and can produce quality contact, let us know!

Lending Bitcoins

There are services that allow you to lend your bitcoins to other people, gaining interest on your initial loan out. The three most famous sites that allow Bitcoin lending are Loanbase, BTCJam, and Bitbond. There is no centralized system involved, thus, you can set your own interest rate and provide your coins under special requirements. However, be careful. Bitcoin lending is quite risky.

Bitcoin Mining

Only veteran crypto enthusiasts should get involved with mining. There is a lot of technical “know how” required and upfront costs to buy computer hardware. Additionally, you have to take electricity costs and cooling into account. It’s also quite competitive, there are some serious players in the crypto mining industry. So, don’t rely much on mining to provide you with a huge and constant inflow of bitcoins.

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