How to Sell Other Cryptocurrencies?

Selling of Cryptocurrencies

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Everyone makes an investment in order to earn a profit. That means when you buy cryptocurrencies you will sell them at some point. Other than the main cryptocurrencies which are Bitcoins and Ethereum here are other cryptocurrencies and how to sell them.

Ripple (XRP)

The sale of ripple is done on the exchange platforms that support ripple transactions.
How to sell Ripple on Bitstamp –Selling of XRP in Bitstamp is very simple. You need a login to your Bitstamp account then click the “Buy/sell” icon. Choose to sell and enter the amount of XRP you want to sell. Counter check the transaction and then confirm the sell. It’s important also to have in mind the pairs that are supported by Bitstamp. Bitstamp is supported by XRP/EUR, XRP/USD, and XRP/BTC

How to Sell Ripples on Kraken – Unlike the purchase of ripples the sale is quite simple because Kraken has provided many parts to help to trade of XRP. The pairs supported by Kraken include; XRP/EUR, XRP/USD, XRO/JPY and XRP/CAD. This means that you can now sell ripples directly from the Kraken account.

How to sell XRP on Gatehub – Login into your Gatebub account. From that point choose a number of Ripples you want to sell and confirm the transaction. With ripple, you can send your money directly to the bank, therefore, choose the send money to the bank and complete your transaction.
You can also use other sites that support ripple transaction and exchanges like: Bitsane, CoinCheck, and CoinOne.

Zcash (ZEC)

The process of selling Zcash is similar to that of buying the same. It’s simple just create a new order, enter your preferred price and quantity and finally submit the order. While placing the order click the sell button and confirm your transaction.
After confirming your sell, you can now the process of withdrawing / transferring the amount to the bank. To withdraw click the “funding” icon, followed by the “withdraw” icon. Since you are withdrawing Zcash scroll until you find Zcash. After getting Zcash click the “add address” icon in order to specify the destination of your withdrawal. You can now enter the description and your Zcash address and click the “save address” icon. Select the address of wallet 1 and enter the amount you want to withdraw then click the “review withdrawal” button. Lastly, click confirm withdrawal.
If you need to receive your money via email enter the currency, you use and add the account specifying where you want to send the money to. Alternatively, you can enter your bank details and save. When withdrawing direct to bank enter the account and click the”review withdrawal” icon. The last thing is to confirm the withdrawal and wait to receive the money in your account.

Antshares (NEO Coin)

Just like in the buying part of Neocoin its selling is also a big process. In the purchase part, you had to buy bitcoins first then convert them into Neocoin. This time it’s the opposite. Before a sell is complete you have to convert the Neocoins into Bitcoins in the Bittrex then sell the Bitcoins. The Bitcoins will be sold in the Coinbase exchange platform, and then your money channeled to your desired destination whether a bank account or to PayPal.

DASH COIN (Darkcoin)

With Dask coin highly compared to Bitcoins, its selling process is simple. If you have a Spectrocoin, you can withdraw your DASH coin inform of Euro or USD. In spectrocoin, the withdrawal can be made to skrill or direct to a bank account. The process of withdrawal starts by having a verified spectrocoin account. With the account add a payment method and then go to the sell Dash option. Click sell DASH and confirm the transaction and then withdraw the intended amount to your account.

LiteCoin (LTC)

Selling Litecoin using Coinbase.
For supported countries, the first step is to add a payment method. Selling of Litecoin can be done in your local currency and the money transfer direct to your bank account or to your local currency wallet.
When using a Web browser visit the “sell” page. In the Sell page, enter the amount of Litecoin you would like to sell. Select the Litecoin wallet you would wish to sell from. Choose where you would like to receive the proceeds of the sell like a bank account. Confirm whether all details are correct then click “Sell Litecoin.”
Coinbase also supports the use of IOS and Android apps. When using these apps click the menu and open the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Select the “sell” icon from the navbar. Enter the amount in Litecoin you would like to sell. Select the Litecoin wallet you want to sell them from then select the bank account where you can deposit the proceeds of the sale. Confirm the transaction and then click “sell Litecoin.”

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