Huobi’s Partner HBUS has Launched an API for Large-Scale US Traders

HBUS launches a new platform for large scale traders

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HBUS which is the official strategic partner of famous crypto exchange Huobi has confirmed that it’s releasing it’s releasing an API for its experienced traders in most US States. According to HBUS, the API is meant for high volume users who have been in need of live pricing data among other tools. The company confirmed that the API will also offer historical pricing data, set Buy and sell limits for users, retrieve trading history as well as support margin trade customization support.

Since there are differences in regulation across the United States HBUS noted that uses of States like Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, Vermont, North California and Washington would not be able to use this service. This move is marking the move being carried out by Huobi in its expansion structure which has already seen a new platform which is meant for the launch in the Australian market.

Another Chinese exchange OKEx as well as Hong Kong-based exchange Binance are all making international commitments in an effort to make their services international. OKEx already announced this that it was partnering with Malta Stock Exchange in order to see the creation of new institutional security tokens. On the other hand, Binance is planning to launch a decentralized as well as the tokenizing bank.

There is a lot of competition by exchanges who are all trying to increase their customer base. Exchanges are coming up with new methods of rewarding customers who use their exchanges. Many startups are coming up with new redeemable tokens which are awarded after every transaction. Other startups are even offering transaction without exchange fees.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency markets have lost more than half of its value more people are joining the crypto markets. At the moment Bitcoin is trading at around $7,300 having dropped from its all-time high in December of $20,000.

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