Iceland’s Missing Bitcoin Mining Machines Could be in China

Stolen mining machines could be in China

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The 600 Bitcoin mining machines stolen in Iceland may have found their way into China. This is after Chinespolice seized 600 Bitcoin mining computers. The Iceland’s police have now sent an inquiry to the Chinese authorities for more information and investigation about the same. Police in Tianjin seized the mining computers after detecting an unusually high electricity consumption.

According to news from China, the power theft may be the largest power theft case in many years adding that they also confiscated 8 high-power fans. The people running the mining factory had short-circuited their electricity meter in order to avoid receiving a bill for the energy used to power the mining machines. If the miners had not tampered with the meter, then they would have received a bill of thousands of Yuan.

It’s however not clear whether the seized mining machines in China have any relationship with Iceland’s huge Bitcoin Heist. A previous report had indicated that mining machines had been stolen in different locations in Iceland during the December and January months and up to now investigators have not been able to locate them. There has been a 60,000 dollar reward offered by the owner of the machines to anyone who could give information that could lead to the recovery of the computers.

The alleged mastermind of the theft had escaped a low-security prison in Iceland before fleeing to Sweden. He is now set to be extradited to Iceland from the Netherlands. The alleged thief Sandri Thor Stefansson is said to have fled the country using a flight which was also carrying the country’s prime minister. Thor said that he escaped for being held illegally without any evidence of theft. He complained of continued harassment by the police even after failing to get information that linked him to the theft. After the escape, he was ready to go back to the country but only after the charges against him were cleared.

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