Illegal uses of bitcoin in the dark web – a world of secrets.

Many of you may not know this, but the bitcoin is the currency of choice in the dark web.

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Mysterious, hidden, and brimming with everything that you can’t buy in your local grocery store. The dark web is any site that’s accessed via special software like Tor browser or an anonymizing protocol. These sites aren’t registered by Google, and can’t be accessed by simply typing them into your browser. In addition to that, the bitcoin is the currency of choice for those dwelling there. For more information on the dark web, go here.

As a prelude, I would like to highlight that the technology underlying bitcoin was developed with good intentions in mind. But, it just so happens that scammers, bad actors, and drug dealers take advantage of the pseudo-anonymity and security that come with bitcoin transactions.

For more information on bitcoins technology, simply refer to Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper.

Let’s move on then shall we?

Where do the dark deeds start?

Let me go over how things are usually done in the dark web. First, information pertaining to a dark web website is needed, or a URL to a platform that sells illicit items, the URL usually ends in. onion.

Readers, unfortunately, I can’t provide you with links to any of the dark web websites. I would get in quite a bit of trouble. Though, you can probably find some information on that if you search for it using Tor. If you do, be careful, there can be repercussions for this. Additionally, there are Telegram groups that have information pertaining to the dark web. I won’t be pointing any fingers.

Once a site or platform is found, it must be accessed through Tor browser.

Let’s do some window-shopping.

Disclaimer –  the images provided in this post are not owned by me and were not made by me. Dark web platforms are usually divided into sections.

Opiates, Cannabis, Hash, Heroine, LSD, Ecstasy, armaments, fake identification (passports, driver’s licenses), hacking services, anonymized phones, laptops, fake money, etc.

bitcoin dark web bitcoin dark web bitcoin dark web bitcoin dark web

There’s a lot to choose from, but you can only acquire these goods using bitcoin. So, you need to buy some and transfer them to the dark web platforms wallet. After which, you buy what you need. Take your pick.

bitcoin dark web price

Once you place your illegal dark web order.

Once you complete your purchase, you will be provided with coordinates to where your goods are located, along with photo images and directions on how to find, and retrieve your “package”. Purchased items are usually either placed a few centimeters beneath some dirt or grass, magnetized to park benches, fences, and other inconspicuous locations.

bitcoin dark web location Or even hidden in the cracks of garage complexes, inside buildings, staircases, and under abandoned cars.

bitcoin dark web location

Coordinates can vary depending on which country or city you live in. Here’s an example of some potential locations. Don’t go looking for anything there. I selected these spots at random, made them up in my mind.

55.716204, 37.604140 (Moscow, Russia)

48.835552, 2.310194 (Paris, France)

44.950937, -93.215389 (Minneapolis, USA)

Simply paste these coordinates into Google and you will get a general idea of the locations in which dark web “packages” are hidden.

You can get caught and screwed hard.

The process of retrieving your orders can be quite wild and dangerous. You don’t know who you can run into when you’re scooping your goods, the police, criminals, and just some general nonsense.

Obviously, carrying out all of the activities that I mentioned above is severely illegal. And the punishment that you can receive depends on the jurisdiction that you live in.

Do you want my honest opinion regarding the subject matter of bitcoin use on the dark web?

Well, I think that government authorities don’t really have any possibility of stopping it. At least for now. Sure, they can do their research and monitor the Blockchain all they want. But we aren’t living in the age of Silkroad anymore, things are slightly more sophisticated.

Though, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be worried. One false move in the dark web, one unpleasant encounter, and your life could be ruined, legally and physically.

The dark web is all around us, you never when you might be walking past a pipe, a fence, or a bench that might be holding some sort of secret.

There is much more to this than whats written here.

Of course, there’s more to all of this, I can’t cover all of the intricacies of using the dark web in one post. Hm, here’s a bonus fun fact for you. There exist, how should I call them, “dark web hunters” that scout potential locations and rob people of their “packages” and money. Perhaps even of their life, depending on the remoteness of a location and the situation at hand.

But, readers, I want you to fully understand that the technology behind Blockchains, bitcoins, and cryptocurrencies is good. They provide us with unsurmountable benefits that will ultimately push our societies to a more advanced place.

Unfortunately, bad actors exist in all spheres and industries of life. There will never be a remedy for this, nobody is a saint.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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