Important facts about Jaxx Wallet for Cryptocurrency

Jaxx Wallet for Cryptocurrency

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JAXX wallet is designed to keep you in charge of all your Bitcoin transactions. This wallet comes with numerous features such as:

  • Cross-platform usage
  • Support Multi-coin
  • Integration of Shapeshift.

As a newbie to Bitcoin or if you have been into the Cryptocurrency business for long, it is good to know that this wallet is easy to use. The goal of this Bitcoin Wallet is to deliver a world-class service for customers, to give a design that is easy to navigate and for you to have a good user experience.

How does Jaxx wallet work:

JAXX wallet does not take into account your personal details even for sign-ups, what is required from you is just a four digit pin for security purpose. Also, all created keys are on your device. They are not transferred to any server for storage. This wallet requires no verification. You are granted free access to the platform.

How to make or receive payments on Jaxx wallet:

The first step to receive payment is to make sure that the sender has your address. This can easily be accessed by scanning the public key’s QR code. It becomes easy to receive funds if you give the sender your address.

To make payments to someone, it is important that you get their Cryptocurrency address too. Then proceed to confirm the currency and amount you will like to transfer. When this is done, click on the ‘send’ option.

What is the security level of Jaxx wallet?

To a very good degree, this wallet is secure because you have free access to your Bitcoin. No extra information is collected from you, and so you’re protected from any data loss. In addition, your local device holds all your Cryptocurrency keys. So you have total control of the wallet.

At the same time, there is a very high risk of you getting hacked. Your device might get stolen, and your Bitcoin may be susceptible to theft. Although a backup feature makes recovery of your wallet now easier.

How to store Cryptocurrency on Jaxx wallet?

This can be done via ShapeShift. With this feature, it is possible to convert one form of Cryptocurrency to another such as:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, DAO, Litecoin, REP

In addition, you can also hold your regular fiat currencies on Jaxx wallet.

The strength of Jaxx wallet:

This wallet is specifically built for beginners even though experts will find it superb to use. Furthermore, there is a wide range of cryptocurrencies to work with on Jaxx wallet.

The weakness of Jaxx wallet:

Many users have complained of stolen Bitcoin from their wallet. The security of Jaxx wallet can easily be breached making it a bit insecure.

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