India Has Teamed With A Canadian Blockchain Institute For Digital Economy Push

This Has Already Been Set Up

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One of the most recognized organizations in India in the tech industry is partnering with the Blockchain research institute (BRI) and the Canadian government to offer help in spurring the digital economy. This venture is meant for the world’s second largest populous nation.

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) which is an IT organization in India seeks to work with BRI researchers with the help of the Canadian government. This is mainly in helping the developers to learn more about blockchain platforms. This is in preparation for the creation and launch of tools within the nation.

Therefore, these two groups have already signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) which defines the research and financial partnership. In accordance with the media platform INC42, both organizations will invest in webinars and also the other seminar types. The researchers within the BRI however, will be involved in sharing knowledge by use of case studies within Indian government departments and also other entities.

Raman Roy who is the NASSCOM chairman said that he is blissful for launching a research initiative. He further understands that initiating and running blockchain use in this country is a long-term effort. This is not just a “plug and play” initiative that it starts working immediately.

Therefore, the MoU research is split into two sections.

According to Don Tapscott words;

“We need to create an awakening in India, showcase the power of blockchain and we can do this by looking at incentives/discounts to organizations who do this. That’s phase one.”

Phase two of the project would involve the building of a blockchain institute in India. This will be specifically to help in the growing of the digital ecosystem in the Telangana state. This is according to INC42.

According to CNN, the center is meant to provide high-end technology capabilities to the state. This is a section of work needed to push the building of the blockchain based economies in the world.

Therefore, these moves would help in India’s goal of putting electronic land records, health records and also digital certificated in the blockchain. This is according to Amitabh Kant.

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