Integration Of Bancor And B2Broker To Maximize On B2BX Tokens’ Liquidity Once Token Sale Ceases

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B2Broker, a renowned trading technology company intends to use smart token protocol to come up with a perfect environment for all users of B2BX token. B2Broker is a popular provide of trading technology that involves itself in provision of inclusive solutions various brokerage companies. It has amalgamated an array of projects to include Bancor Protocol, a cryptocurrency standard Smart Token to automate the liquidity of B2BX tokens.

The integration of the protocol will help in converting B2BX token to Bancor Network Tokens (BNT) and vice versa. The conversion will be continuous and instant as per a mathematical formula. The conversion will also be direct via the smart contracts. Customers and trading partners will no longer complain of liquidity.

The smart contracts for Bancor will use a connector token mode that will permit B2BX tokens to convert to ET, BNT, or any other token that is already in the system. The conversion is automatic, and takes place in a reorganized liquidity network as per an open-source algorithmic price. The conversions happen in the midst of smart contracts, away from exchanges. The integration enhances liquidity and brings in in-built convertibility to any B2BX and BNT tokens.

According to Artur Azizov, the CEO of B2Broker, the successful progress of the sale of the liquidity tokens ushers the company to the next project. This ensures that B2BX benefits from the latest advantages of block-chain technology. Artur says that they admire the automated approach in Bancor, and he will implement the protocol soon after the conclusion of the token sale.


It gives a standard creation of cryptocurrencies with in-built ability to convert via the smart contracts and Smart Tokens. Liquidity in B2BX is therefore a guarantee. Bancor uses a connector method that enables the calculation of prices and continuous liquidity for every complaint token. This does not need two parties in the exchange. Smart Tokens work together to create liquidity networks that permits cryptocurrencies to flourish.

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