Are Antshares becoming China’s Ethereum?

The Ethereum of China

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Based in China, Antshares are an open source Blockchain platform. NEO as its currently called tries to compare itself with one of the best Cryptocurrencies called Ethereum. Antshares in an effort to boost its trade it even changed its name to NEO this year.

 Antshares rebranding

Neo is already making strides in the Chinese market. The currency of  NEO is called ANS and is already been used in major stock exchanges in China. Just like Ethereum does the NEO owners can use ANS to pay for transaction gas.
Already the NEO owners are working with the Chinese Authorities to map a real-world asset utilizing NEOs smart contract. Smart contracts 2.0. will be the name of the contract. In order to expand its authority, NEO has signed several starting companies as its partners. They plan to add other partners as the project moves on.
The patenting of the cress-chain interoperability will benefit the smart contract 2.0. in the long term.

Comparison between ANS vs. ETH

Even though NEO and Ethereum have been comparing the two have differences. The building technology between NEO and Ethereum is their major difference. Ethereum and NEO programming language is very different. Ethereum works with a solid language while Ethereum is compatible with all coding languages. With allowing of all languages in coding, NEO expected to have very many followers.
There are however some similarities Antshares (NEO) and Ethereum. The first one is the fact that Both Ethereum and Antshares can combine gas or fees. Ethereum and NEO also have smart contacts and even ASpps. Even with this comparison, it’s too ever to predict whether NEO can actually take over the China market and become Chinas Ethereum.

What is NEOs market cap?

Antshares are much more respected because they are part of Onchain. This is because Onchain is a much-respected brand in China. The Antshares project is gaining a lot of attention and has already received millions of dollars in funding. Market cap of Antshares has already risen to more than $250 mln. NEO can now improve its technology due to the huge sum of money invested in it. It will be interesting to see whether NEO will actually become the Chinas Ethereum.

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