John McAfee Embarks As A Crypto Startup Adviser

He Will Be The Strategist Adviser

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John McAfee disappeared from public markets shortly after the MGT Capital Inc. severed the ties with the antivirus developer. However, after the short disappearance, he is back to the market and has been advising a Cryptocurrency startup which conducts an initial coin offering.

As it was reported by a press release on Wednesday, John McAfee will join CryptoSecure. This is an organization which announced that it offers “hackproof security solutions” for digital coin industry. McAfee will join this organization as a senior strategist advisor. Key Capital Corp which is an organization which has its major focus on mining precious metals, fintech and also cancer treatments, is the one initiating the startup. After the announcement was made, shares of Key Capital trading over the counter improved by a margin of almost 400%.

According to the statement;

“Mr. McAfee met the CryptoSecure team on a recent Blockchain cruise conference at which he was the keynote speaker. During an early morning discussion on the security deficiencies of the Cryptocurrency market, he was appraised of CryptoSecure military-grade hybrid Blockchain, Trusted Solaris OS, One Time Pad infrastructure project.”

MGT was initially a Cyber-security organization but has since shifted its major focus to Bitcoin mining. They, therefore, announced in January that they were determined to part ways with McAfee. At the time, he was serving/working as the “chief cyber-security visionary”. This is a position he attained in August after he resigned as the chairman and the CEO. This was due to the reorganization of the organization.

According to the interview involving the MGT chief executive officer Robert Ladd, he said that this decision was “totally amicable” he said that the organization which subjected his shares to being delisted from New York stock exchange in 2016 October was “getting some feedback that in order to get up listed etc. it might be easier to not have John McAfee be an officer or director of the company.” Therefore, McAfee concluded that the decision was mutual.

Therefore, according to confirmation in an email on Wednesday, McAfee said that he is in the process of advising CryptoSecure.

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