KFC Canada Offers The “Bitcoin Bucket”

Canadian residents can pay using Bitcoin to purchase fried chicken.

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Recently, the biggest firm in fried chicken has launched the “Bitcoin Bucket” that you can pay for it using the leading cryptocurrency.

KFC Canada started to promote the product on Thursday, advertising the Bitcoin Bucket on Facebook and Twitter, live streaming its price in Bitcoin. It fluctuates constantly based on the exchange rate of $20 CAD, which is the product’s fiat price.

However, the Bitcoin Bucket will not be available at your local restaurant. Only customers lucky enough to stay close to KFC’s Canadian delivery zones can schedule evening deliveries through January 19 at 8 pm EST.

For the new customers who are curious about the content of the bucket, it is including 10 original recipe tenders, two dips, medium gravy waffle fries, and a medium side.

In order to accept Bitcoin payments for the menu, the company has partnered with BitPay. In addition, customers can still purchase the Bucket using fiat currency, if they want to avoid the rising transaction fees now regarding the Bitcoin payments. Meanwhile, KFC is considering to update the promotion and to include altcoin payments as well.

More services and products accept Bitcoin payments

A Bitcoin Bucket exclusive for the Canadian residents maybe does not sound amazing, but it’s another addition to the products that a user can buy using Bitcoin. Every day, the list of the products and services that accept cryptocurrencies a mean of payment is increasing, indicating the growth of the cryptos’ universal adoption.

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