Kik App Partners With Unity Technologies To Improve Adoption of Kin Cryptocurrency

Kik App To Partner With Unity Technologies To Spread Token To Mainstream Gaming

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  • In order to raise token adoption in the gaming industry, Kik app partners with Unity Technologies.
  • Presently, Kin Cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of about $132 million.

Canada: Kik chatting app, the popular mobile chat app, which launched own cryptocurrency – Kin Token – last year, is currently making moves to team up with Unity Technologies – another popular video gaming company founded in 2004– in a bid to increase the rate of spread and adoption of its Kin Token in the gaming world.

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According to a spokesperson for the chatting app, Kik’s partnership with Unity Technologies – one of the world’s most widely used video gaming platforms – should “bring cryptocurrency to millions of gaming developers.” This will increase the integration of Kin Token into games. The Kik developers have developed a customized gaming-specific software development kit (SDK) to make the integration easier. A beta testing will be conducted by selected Unity partners, after which Kik plans to distribute the Kin Gaming SDK to gaming developers through the Unity Asset Store, and on the GitHub software development platform.

Kik, founded by students of the University of Waterloo in 2009, started its ICOs for the Kin cryptocurrency last year August, with a prediction that it would be “the first mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.” Kik claims that it raised almost $100 million from nothing less than 10,000 participants in 117 nations last year September.

Kin cryptocurrency, an ERC20 coin based on the Ethereum Blockchain, presently has a market capitalization of about $132M and trades at $0.000175.

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