Kraken Gives a Donation of $1 Million to Coin Center

Jesse Powell Gave the Donation

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Other than outspokenness, there are various things in which the people who have interest in crypto love, perhaps, this would be placing their money right where their mouth is.

The CEO of Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, Jesse Powell, made a donation of $1 million to non-profit Coin center. All this happened on Monday night during the advocacy organizational annual gala which was held in New York. Kraken also made a pledge to make sure he matches any kind of donation to the coin center till the month’s end, up to an amount of $1 Million.

This donation made my Kraken represented the largest single donations which have so far been made to the Coin center. This was as reported by Neeraj Agrawal.

Being based in San Francisco, Kraken has not been a stranger o the coin center regulatory minefield which has for some time strived to diffuse and also build bridges across.

Kraken was in Aril one of the exchanges which were given an inquiry in regard to the “internal controls and safeguards to protect consumer assets” from the previous New York Attorney general Eric Schneiderman.

Powel did not provide a response against the various competitors and he further said that his exchange could “dodge the bullet” because this in 2015 left New York and was spurred by the regulatory issues. Therefore, this Kraken donation was a round of applause for Powell.

Satoshi walks into a bar

Peter Van Valkenburgh who is the coin centers director of research warmly received this with various crypto related and themed jokes.

“Fork: really a word that usually isn’t in need of translation for the average person, you may be holding one right now,” Valkenburgh said to the well-clothed crypto veterans who were in their first course.

He added;

“For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this translates pretty directly to free coins! And I’d add that, to their tax attorney, this translates to: ‘fuck.'”

Far from the jokes, the night theme was to discuss the importance of togetherness as a community and also curbing the stifling regulations through education and transparency.

Just as the various crypto experts discussed earlier during the day in the 2018 consensus, the new regulatory environment for the various lawful exchanges was described to be “a mess.”

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