Ledger Wallet users were unable to access Bitcoin Cash funds for the last three days

Difficulties accessing Bitcoin Cash

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Many Bitcoin Cash users have taken to Reddit to express their worry because they are unable to access their BCH investments due to performance issues in Ledger Wallet. Users have complained that they cannot do BCH transactions which others said they could not even see their balances. According to one user:

“I have made BTC, ETH and LTC transfers to my Nano S. and the transaction was successful. However when it transferred BCH, the transaction went through, but my balance remained zero on the Wallet. It’s now over 36 hours since I did that transaction and my balance is not yet visible.”

The Ledger wallet has however tweeted about the failure stating that: “Following the outcry, we are working on restoring the BCH infrastructure.” Yesterday they updated their clients stating that: “Our servers are now back and running well. We will, however, continue monitoring the servers for the next 12 hours to ensure that everything runs successfully.” Earlier today they updated that: “We can now confirm that BCH is working and is now showing the correct balances. We are now working on the remaining servers to ensure that everything is fine.”

They had begun their reports on 7:10 UTC stating that they were having a problem with the new version of Bitcoin- ABC. The ledger confirmed to its users that the funds were safe but could only be accessed through the Software wallet electronic cash in case of an emergency. This report did not, however, please many users who complained on Reddit that the Ledger was taking too much time to solve the problem.

Nicolas Bacca who is the Chief Technology Officer of Ledger came out to defend the time taken stating that: “Our time is still doing investigations and analysis on the system. If any invalid data was put into your parser, it’s always necessary to reparse the entire chain which may take a few days. We are grateful for your patience.
The Ledger CEO Eric Larcheveque came out defending the CTO who was under pressure from many users stating that: “the CTO is not in charge of the infrastructure. However, all the engineering team is working on the infrastructure so as to fix the outage.”

The team has however concluded the screening of the system and its now functioning correctly. They have however vowed to continue monitoring the system for several days to ensure that there are smooth operations.

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