“Living Room of Satoshi” Recieves $1 Million AUD in Cryptocurrency Worth For Bill Payments Every Week

Living Room of Satoshi is an innovative Australian company that is growing bigger, as it allows customers to pay their bills using their favorite digital currencies.

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An Australian company named “Living Room of Satoshi”, a Brisbane-based cryptocurrency payment provider, let its customers make payments via direct bank, credit card and BPAY using the eleven most popular cryptocurrencies. The company announced that it is recieving about $1 million AUD (approximately $ 756,000 USD ) worth of bill payments each week.

The company accomplish more than half of payments through Bitcoin

More analytically, Living Room of Satoshi’s payments are conducted via:

  1. Bitcoin (63,3%)
  2. Ethereum (19.3%)
  3. Litecoin (7.5%)
  4. Bitcoin Cash (4.0%),
  5. Dash (3.3%),
  6. Monero (0.8%),
  7. Zcash (0.7%),
  8. Ethereum CLassic (0.6%),
  9. Dogecoin (0.4%)
  10. Steem (0.1%)

The most of the company’s payments are for shopping, credit card expenses, electricity/gas, water, phone/internet, tax, council rates, and insurance.

Furthermore, the company’s chief executive, Daniel Alexiuc, stated that Bitcoin is a better form of currency because the government or any authority aren’t able to controll and manipulate it . Also, it’s able to send anywhere in the world without anyone’s permission. That’s why cryptocurrencies attract many people.

Despite that, he claimed that $1 million USD each week maybe sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. Compared to the amount of the bills getting paid every day in Australia, it’s still a drop in the ocean.

Bitcoin has real-world application

Some local Bitcoin fans reported at local media that they often transacting using cryptocurrencies. It’s something revolutionary for them. They make everyday purchases, as digital currencies have already an application to real life.

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