Major Cryptocurrencies Get Funds Boost

Bitcoin among others to get funds boost

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The launch of two mutual fund-like cryptocurrencies index from IronChain MiX10 and IronChain MiX10 Institutional will help boost the cryptocurrency industry.

The two mutual Index funds from IronChain capital will offer daily funds to investors, institutional security, broad diversification, and custody at a 1% cost a year. Beyond that, IronChian is running an offer available to investors opening accounts before June 30, 2018. The early bird investors will get one cost free year on paying management fees.

The funds will track MIX10 index for 10 largest cryptos therefore giving investors a wide range of currencies to choose from. They will also give accredited investors a better shot at investing by handling the challenges of crypto investments on their behalf. Some of the challenges IronChain capital fund will be getting rid of are; diversification, fees, liquidity, and custody. Getting rid of these challenges grants investors a chance to invest in major cryptocurrencies without worries. The funds will be available in Ether, Bitcoin, USD among other currencies. To address custody and securities, IronChain is employing services from ledger, kingdom, and xapo.

A lot of investors are taking up investments in virtual currencies seriously. As such, IronChain’s platform makes it a lot easier to do so. IronChain capital has made deliberate steps to see to fruition its key mission of  providing  a dedicated digital currency investment platform for major cryptocurrencies. Aside from launching it in the index fund platform, IronChain raised $2.5 million dollars for the project.

IronChain Fund drawback

Even though the platform gives better chances to more people to investing in crypto, it comes with a downside. The funds are only accessible to accredited investors. Leaving out retail investors locks away many other potential investors who are ready to invest in crypto. However,many are hopeful the platform will open up to all investors in future.

IronChain capital is a huge investment company that is focused on providing funds to both institutional investors and retail investors. Through its platform, IronChain hopes to help develop the cryptocurrency industry by offering funds to investors. Other than the said platform, IronChain provides offers a range of other diverse services. The services include; portfolio management and trading solutions, investment products, and brokerage accounts.


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