Michael Owen Promotes Global Crypto Offering Exchange’s Tokens

The company is based in Singapore and the name of token is the OWN coin.

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An International Crypto Offering Exchange is trying to capitalize on the intersection of sports and cryptocurrencies’ enthusiasts in order to grab investors’ money in the frenzied ICO space.

The firm has teamed up with former soccer star of Liverpool, Michael Owen for issuing a cryptocurrency in his name, the OWN coin. Mr. Owen joins the popular boxing veteran Manny Pacquiao as issuers and investors of celebrity tokens with the exchange.

In an interview in Hong Kong, Michael Owen was asked about investing in new cryptocurrencies as many describe them as worthless. He replied that you have to be brave and put faith in things.

How can investors use the tokens?

The tokens can be used for buying merchandise or making donations to charities that the athletes have chosen, and also for personalized interactions with them. Regarding the OWN’s coin launch date, it will come next quarter. Further, it will be connected to tutorial programs Owen is developing and soccer training centers, according to the Global Crypto Offering Exchange that is based in Singapore.

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