Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine has Banned Crypto Ads

Microsoft Bans Crypto Ads

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Bing Search Engine has banned crypto Ads according to the company’s Advertiser Policy Manager Melissa Alsoszatai. They have followed other social media companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter which also banned crypto related Ads. Bing Ads will not allow crypto advertising because the sector is not regulated. According to Ms. Alsoszatai:

“We keep on evaluating our policies to ensure safety and a good engagement among our Bing users and the digital advertising ecosystem. Since cryptocurrency unregulated, they pose an elevated risk to Bing users and the general internet users with the potential for bad actors to engage in bad behavior or even scam consumers.”

Bing is the second most popular search engine after Google juggernaut which enjoys more than 60 percent of search traffic on the internet. Google itself has already banned these ads, and at the beginning of 2018, it announced a specific series of crypto-related prohibitions down to defining a contract for different products.

After the Google decision, Facebook followed suit announcing that ads should not promote financial products and services which are associated with deceptive or misleading promotional behaviors like binary options, ICOs, and cryptocurrency. A month after the Facebook announcement Twitter too changed its advertising policy completely restricting ICOs and token sales.

According to the information from Bing:

“In order to protect our customers, we have decided to disallow cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency related product advertising which will include unregulated binary options. This decision will be implemented globally in June with our enforcement rolling out in late June and early July.”

Bing insisted that: “Technology scams are widely used by bad people, and we already rejected about 25 million ads in 2017 alone. More to that in 2017 we also took down 30 million similar ads, 20,000 websites, and about 43,500 bad actors.” Unless the cryptocurrency sector is well regulated to protect the interest of everyone, then more social media platforms will also ban such ads.

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