Miners Complain Bitmain’s AntMiner B3 Mining Machines are Underperfoming

Miners Complain They Have Been Shortchanged by Bitmain

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Technology manufacture Bitmain is facing criticism from users who bought their AntMiner B3 cryptocurrency mining machines. The first users of the B3 are complaining that Bitmain mining product B3 is underperforming and giving them losses.

AntMiner B3 mining machine came into the market on April 25 and is the latest product from Bitmain technologies. According to Bitmain, the B3 mining machine has a computation power of 750 hashes per second while its power consumption is 360W. Disputes arose from the users after they discovered the B3 is only capable of producing 500–600 hashes per second. Many were angered about the low computation power and went online to air their views. Retailing at 2,600 US dollars which translates to 17,000 Chinese yuan, the first batch of the B3 were sold out after its launch. After the initial users complained about the B3 online, more users came out online complaining about other issues they encountered while using the B3 mining machines.

Other issues raised by Bitmain AntMiner B3 mining machine users

Besides just complaining about the computation power, other users are suspecting that Bitmain is selling used mining machines. One user on Zhihu, a Chinese Q&A website, dismantled his new B3 machines and on reaching the fan he found it covered in dust. The user suspected the dust was making the machine work slow but on the other hand it means the fan was in use somewhere else before it was installed in the new B3 machine. These allegations from B3 users were followed by users forming a dedicated Weibo account . This was meant to help them fight for their rights.

From the Weibo group a few people came together and went to Bitmain offices in Beijing. They went to discuss the way forward with the management. In spite of the fact that they were a few people, the police were present to maintain law and order. After the meeting reports emerged that Bitmain is ready to fix the products with power issues.  Although some were seeking compensation from Bitmain. While these allegations may be true, the firm is opposed to the idea of compensating its customers.

Founded in 2013 Bitmain is a technology company which manufactures bitcoin mining machines using ASIC chip technology. They started out with AntMiner S1 and recently launched their AntMiner B3 which is the cause of the critics. The platform is not a stranger to controversy, it recently had issues with the Monero community.

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