Monex Trading Platform Offers To Buy Coincheck

Monero To Buy Coincheck For Billions Of Yen

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  • Monex offered billions of Yen to own Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The official announcement to be released later.

Japan: A breaking news reaching revealed that Monex, a popular financial service provider and trading platform in Japan, today, offered “billions of yen” to have a majority stake in Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange today.

According to the report, the crypto exchange – which was a victim of a cyber-attack on the 26th of January that made the exchange lost almost $530 million worth of NEM and has faced 3 class action charges from affected clients – has been “looking for support from a third party.”

Monex, who is currently worth more than $870 million, is making plans to acquire Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange for “billions of yen.” Monex is also making plans to replace the would-be company’s management as well as work towards restoring the exchange’s full services. If everything goes on well as planned, the official announcement of the purchase deal “could be” released this week, according to the report.

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