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Popular and interesting news in the world of cryptocurrencies.

History Bitcoin

A Brief History And Products Of Bitcoin Hard Forks

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Hard Forks A mysterious cryptocurrency developer, probably a group of developers, with a codename “Satoshi Nakamoto” surfaced back...
Crypto Exchange South Korea

10 Out Of 33 Crypto Exchanges In South Korea Opted Out...

23 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in South Korea Accepted To Self-Regulate, 10 Opted-Out South Korea intensifies its move for crypto exchange self-regulation. Only 23 out of...

OKEx Will Roll Back Trades After Futures Plunge

OKEx which is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Hong Kong has made the decision to roll back the futures transactions. This is due...
Bitcoin image

Telegram ICO Headed Towards 2 Billion USD

The world-famous messenger service, Telegram, which is commonly used to build communities around Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), seems like it's doing quite well with...

Officials From Plattsburgh Wants Bitcoin Miners To Leave The Town

Bitcoin mining continues to be resisted in many countries because of the high power consumption. The latest opposition is now coming from Plattsburgh. Plattsburgh...
Squares selling Bitcoin

Square Inc. Not Stopping At Buying And Selling Bitcoin – Jack

Jack Dorsey Declared that Square Is Not Stopping At Buying And Selling Bitcoin Square ‘is not stopping at buying and selling’ bitcoin – Jack...

Brazil’s Itau Unibanco Joins Ripple’s Money-Transfer Network

Ripple Adds Five New Banks To Its Cash-Transfer Network Brazil’s Itau Unibanco to use RippleNet RippleNet does not rely on XRP Ripple: The San Francisco-based...
Venezuela crypto

Venezuela Says Pre-Sale Of Petro Has Raised $735 Million On The...

The pre-sale of Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency petro started yesterday according to the digital currency’s whitepaper. The government has announced that the pre-sale started and...

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Banned And Under Increasing Scrutiny In Indonesia

Bitcoin Use Is Banned And Under Scrutiny In Indonesian Island Of Bali The Indonesian authorities are investigating the use of bitcoin within the holiday island...
handholding blockchain

Blockchain Technology Rebranding Old-School Companies

Demand for the blockchain technology, best known for supporting bitcoin, is providing the latest innovations, greatly increasing that it will be one of the...