Nexon Korea has denied rumors of Buying Bitstamp for 350 million dollars

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Lee Jung-hun the CEO of video game company Nexon Korea has issued a statement denying rumors of the acquisition of Bitstamp. The rumors hit the headlines yesterday suggesting that the video game company had acquired the oldest Bitcoin exchange. According to the rumors the company had acquired the exchange for a value around 350 million dollars.

According to Nexon Korea CEO who issued a statement at the company’s headquarters: “Nexon Korea is not associated with Bitstamp and is not planning to acquire the exchange. We are also not planning to link our business with any form of cryptocurrency.

Lee Jung-hun is new to the company having joined in January. The company is currently worth about 1.3 billion dollars. Yesterday’s conference was his first since joining the company, and so he took the opportunity to share his vision and direction for the gaming giant which was founded in Seoul, South Korea.

Bitstamp is currently the world’s 13th largest exchange company with over 3 million registered accounts and about 500,000 active trading accounts. The exchange is based in Luxembourg and is the only fully licensed crypto exchange in Europe. On its part, Nexon produced its first game in 1995 and had about 6,000 employees. The company has had good games like the Japanese and Korean version of high profile mobile and PC games like the Counter-Strike and FIFA Online.

Even though Nexon has denied the rumors of acquiring Bitcstamp if it was true the news would not have been the first of its kind. There are many corporates which have in the past announced their intentions of moving into the crypto space while others have already moved.

Earlier this March news in Japan indicated that Yahoo Japan was preparing an entry into the crypto world by launching its own crypto exchange. Nexon itself is owned by a Japanese firm NXC Corporation which last year bought a 65 percent state in a Korean crypto exchange Korbit.

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